Employer Leadership Summit Shines in Virtual Environment!

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  • Governor Tim Walz declared April 29, 2020, MENTAL HEALTH ADVOCACY DAY in honor of the Summit.

Amidst a worldwide health crisis where everyone is juggling competing priorities, we are gratified that so many of you joined the Employer Leadership Summit to help us pave The Path Forward for mental health and substance use disorders.

THANK YOU to attendees, Action Group members, sponsors, speakers and staff who never wavered in their support of the Summit as it became clear we could not meet in person. 

Promoting Shared Decision-making and Patient-centered Care in Light of COVID-19

Helping employees make informed decisions about their health care choices and responsibilities is a growing trend that is especially important in light of COVID-19. Learn more in this Action Brief. The companion piece clarifies how the virus spreads and includes symptoms and signs in comparison to cold, flu and allergies.

Current Action Group Key Initiatives

The Action Group’s multi-stakeholder Mental Health Guiding Coalition unites employers and others to achieve true mental health parity in Minnesota and beyond. Click on the Explore button above to view the resources, tools and media available to help employers take action to accelerate improvements in mental health care and outcomes.

For tools, resources, media and other information about the Action Group’s Specialty Drug Guiding Coalition, click here.

The signature tool of The Action Group’s Specialty Drug Guiding Coalition, the Specialty Drug Employer Playbook, is the result of over four years of study.

The Action Group: Making Health Care Better in Minnesota

Action Group members know from experience that we accomplish more together than any of us can alone. There is strength in our collective voice and progress through our united action. Membership is comprised of professionals involved in purchasing health care, developing employee benefit strategies, and delivering health care goods and services. Learn more here.

Not yet a member? Click here for membership information.

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