Specialty Drug Employer Playbook: Stabilizing a Broken System

The Playbook condenses and summarizes four years of Learning Network and Guiding Coalition work, translating that work into operational objectives.

Members of the Specialty Drug Guiding Coalition reflected on accomplishments, challenges and opportunities for continued collaboration — and received the Specialty Drug Employer Playbook — during the group’s final meeting.

In addition to effective management of specialty drug benefits, purchasers can use the Playbook to amplify their collective voice to drive efficiency and transparency in the marketplace. A disciplined purchasing process also enables employers to ensure shared accountability for change in Minnesota and beyond.

A very warm and special THANK YOU to all of the Guiding Coalition members for taking time away from daily duties to share candid observations and provide specific expertise in supply chain realities and potential solutions. We could not have done it without all of you!

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Community Dialogue Maps Path Forward for Mental Health Care in Minnesota as Multi-stakeholder Guiding Coalition Forms

The Action Group hosted a Community Dialogue on October 30 for all community stakeholders to examine the current state of mental health care in Minnesota and articulate a path forward for individual and collective action.

The event serves as a catalyst for developing a multi-stakeholder Mental Health Guiding Coalition to unite employers and others in achieving true mental health parity in Minnesota and beyond. To learn more about the Guiding Coalition, Please click here. Click here to view a new blog, “Let’s Make It Happen,” inviting stakeholders to join the Guiding Coalition.

Once available only to Action Group members, Working Well in Minnesota, a purchaser’s guide that offers insights and actions to help Minnesota employers advance mental health efforts in the workplace, is now available without charge to all! 



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Benefits Survey Highlights Now Available!

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