What keeps Minnesota great? Often referred to as the Great Minnesota Get-Together, the annual Minnesota State Fair is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region, attracting nearly 1.8 million guests annually. This end-of-summer tradition is always held during the 12 days leading up to and through Labor Day. The Fair’s mission is to educate and involve guests by provide a world-class agricultural, art and industry showcase that is innovative, entertaining and fun.

Specialty Pharmacy: Getting the 5 rights, right
Right drug, right price, right location, right patient support, right data

The Action Group’s Specialty Pharmacy Action Network members have been hard at work for nearly two years identifying the issues surrounding the high cost of specialty drugs, developing possible solutions, and learning what actions need to be taken to reshape the marketplace. Over 125 thought leaders gathered on August 11, 2016, to share perspectives, knowledge and ideas about this important topic. Click here to view the presentation; click here to view the stakeholder call-to-action.

The ultimate goal is for all stakeholders to develop solutions together, holding one another accountable for getting the 5 rights, right. We will be convening a multi-stakeholder workgroup to determine specific action items, deliverables, and a multi-year timeline. If you are interested in participating, please contact us.

2016 MNBTE Recognition Reception

Click here to view this year’s rewarded clinics; click here to view those from last year. Click here to view photos and news from the event!

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