Annual Employer Leadership Summit Inspires Attendees to Discover Purpose-Driven Solutions for Optimal Health

At our 2018 Annual Employer Leadership Summit (in its 11th year!), we explored the role of PURPOSE in creating vibrant, high-performing, and HEALTHY organizations.

We discussed ways to tackle the tough issues of our time, including the alarming rate of obesity and the opioid epidemic, and focused on breakthrough innovations and demonstrated results.

Interactive polling, engaging sponsors, and robust networking promoted a sense of optimism, collaboration and action. A blog about the Summit can be found here. You can find photos, presentations and highlights here.

Benefits Survey Highlights Now Available!

To access summaries from the 2018 Annual Employer Benefits Survey, click here.

Participants attended an exclusive Survey results meeting on March 29 where they received a comprehensive report that provides benchmarks and trends to support strategic and tactical benefit plan management.

Helpful Resource for Members! Working Well in Minnesota

One in five Americans suffers from mental illness each year. Of those, 60 percent diagnosed with stress, anxiety and depression do not seek treatment, according to the 2016 State of Mental Health in America report.

In the new Action Group guide, “Working Well in Minnesota,” employers will gain insights and actions for advancing mental health in the workplace. This guide is the result of The Action Group’s Mental Health Learning Network. During 2017, participants heard from a wide array of local and national mental health experts, and the focus is now on turning learning into action.

Members may access the guide by logging in through the Member Center.

Become a Health Care Changemaker! Join the Action Group Today!

Action Group members know from experience that we accomplish more together than any of us can alone. There is strength in our collective voice and progress through our united action. If you’re involved in purchasing health care, developing employee benefit strategies, delivering health care goods or services, or supporting those who do, membership in the Minnesota Health Action Group is for YOU!

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Innovation Update: Specialty Drug Guiding Coalition

Over 40 Specialty Drug Guiding Coalition members from more than 20 organizations have been working together since February, elevating the discussion to find solutions to the specialty drug challenges affecting employers and their workforces.

As one coalition member said, “We’re sharing our ideas and expertise — essentially our secret sauce — which is only possible because of a real feeling of camaraderie and trust, and a commitment to making things better.”

Please read our Special Edition of Express to learn more!