Taking Action to Address Mental Health in the Workplace

One in five Americans suffers from mental illness each year. Of those, 60 percent diagnosed with stress, anxiety and depression do not seek treatment, according to the 2016 State of Mental Health in America report. Because employees are not seeking treatment, employers are losing an estimated $225.8 billion each year due to stress, anxiety, depression and substance abuse. Read more here. Another recent article shows how benefits can help millennials improve their mental health.

Update on our Mental Health Learning Network: 
  • The MHLN has now heard from a wide array of local and national mental health experts.
  • Now in its final quarter, the focus is on turning learning into action.
  • We have compiled a list of actions to improve mental health in the workplace, and we are gathering input from employers about their top priorities for individual and collective actions.
  • We will be reporting on high-level learnings to all employers at the December member meeting.  

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Innovation Update: Specialty Drug Guiding Coalition

Over 40 Specialty Drug Guiding Coalition members from more than 20 organizations have been working together since February, elevating the discussion to find specialty drug solutions that work for all.

As one coalition member said, “We’re sharing our ideas and expertise — essentially our secret sauce — which is only possible because of a real feeling of camaraderie and trust, and a commitment to making things better.”
Please read our Special Edition of Express to learn more!