Storytelling: Diane Pozdolski

Having worked for Fred Hamacher, one of the Action Group’s* founders, in the 1980s at what was then Dayton Hudson Corporation, Diane was very familiar with the direct-contracting model that launched the coalition. “In 1988, it was breakthrough thinking for the largest Minnesota employers to get together and develop a direct-contracting model to reward health providers that were efficient, made good business decisions, and kept costs in check,” says Diane. “When I went on to work for Minnegasco, the BHCAG Choice Plus product was maturing and we were just beginning to see how important it is to give providers and patients cost and quality information to improve engagement and outcomes.”

 “In the old days, we were trying to influence things like having one enrollment form for all HMOs. Now we know that, as difficult as it is, keeping people healthy has to be job one. The energy behind people pulling together is powerful. I would encourage everyone to drop into a meeting to see for themselves.”

– Diane Pozdolski 

Fast forward to today — 16 years after her last interaction with The Action Group — as Diane is beginning to re-engage as an Action Group member.

“It’s really exciting to see how the coalition has changed and evolved,” says Diane. “What I see now is that they are doing important work in helping consumers, providers and purchasers work together to shape the future of health care in Minnesota.”

Diane appreciates this about The Action Group:

“We are so pleased to have Diane at our meetings. Her experience and knowledge, combined with her health plan perspective, are a great asset to us and to other members.”

– Carolyn Pare 

“With our dual role as member and health plan, I see many ways to learn about what our customers want when I attend meetings,” says Diane. “In turn, I can make sure Action Group members know what Blue Cross is doing to improve transparency, care and outcomes. As just one example, I have already talked to our product team about adopting the Choosing Wisely® resources, which are coming from a trusted and neutral resource.”

* Formerly the Buyers Health Care Action Group (BHCAG)