Guest Blog: Making Progress in Improving Outcomes for Patients with Depression by Kris Soegaard, Chief Operating Officer, Minnesota Health Action Group

Depression is a chronic illness just like diabetes and heart disease. We can’t see it on an X-ray or in a glucose test, but it is every bit as treatable as other health conditions. The reality is, however, that there is more hesitancy to discuss depression as openly as other illnesses. Because May is National Mental Health Month, it is a good time to highlight how The Action Group and its members are contributing to improving outcomes for patients with depression — a primary driver of health care costs — and how all employers can help employees with depression get the care they need.

Employers can make a difference in the personal and professional lives of their employees, dependents and retirees who have depression. Resources like The Action Group, our Minnesota Bridges to Excellence initiative and the Help and Healing Toolkit can help employers improve health and health care in Minnesota.