Inviting Diversity into the Workplace Creates Thriving Organizations–Blog by Jean Hanvik

“Diversity really means becoming complete as human beingsall of us. We learn from each other.”

Juan Felipe Herrera

As a long-time entrepreneur with considerable tours of duty in “Big Corporate” and “Big Consulting,” I couldn’t resist the invitation to attend a recent University of Minnesota Advanced Careers Initiative seminar titled, “Purpose and a Paycheck: Finding Meaning, Money and Happiness in the Second half of Life.” The seminar was led by MPR’s Chris Farrell who has released a book by the same name.

“Older Americans aren’t doddering life away as antiquated stereotypes and tasteless jokes suggest,” says Farrell. “The swelling number of Americans 50 and older and their experiments in rethinking and reimagining the second half of life will have a profound impact on everyday life in America.”

Farrell’s focus on the infinite entrepreneurial opportunities that lie before America’s aging — and experienced, reliable, stabilizing and eager — population, coupled with helping the Minnesota Health Action Group prepare for the Annual Employer Leadership Summit, reignited my interest in promoting the value of workplace diversity.

Action Group members and friends of The Action Group know from experience that we are able to accomplish more together than any of us can alone. There is strength in our collective voice and progress through our united action. The Summit is one way we bring people together to create stronger, more inclusive workplaces.”

Carolyn Pare, Action Group President and CEO

A path to exciting possibilities at this year’s Summit

The Summit will open new pathways to diversity discovery, inspiring attendees to imagine the exciting possibilities that lie ahead if we adapt to the shifting nature of the workplace with enthusiasm, speed and agility. In addition:

While all of The Action Group’s Summits are designed to inspire fresh thinking, forge new business relationships, and challenge the status quo, this year’s event promises to deliver even bigger returns. During a time of unprecedented political disharmony, we will pause to set aside preconceived notions about intergenerational rivalries, abilities and disabilities, and equal (and unequal) opportunities, opening our hearts and minds to the limitless possibilities ahead for those who are courageous and committed to investing in the workforce of tomorrow.

Did you know?

Jean Hanvik is The Minnesota Health Action Group’s Director of Communications