Guest Blog: Marie Dotseth, Executive Director, Minnesota Alliance for Patient Safety (MAPS)

The title of the lead patient engagement story in the March 2015 issue of Health Affairs caught my attention: “National Hospital Ratings Systems Share Few Common Scores and May Generate Confusion Instead of Clarity.” The authors compared four national hospital rating systems and discovered, for example, that not a single hospital was rated as a high performer by all four.

We need to clear things up for consumers. We need to make sense of the incomprehensible so consumers actually stand a chance of using this information to make informed decisions. At MAPS, we work to achieve our mission of “Safe Care Everywhere” by focusing on educational programming, original projects, Culture Road Map work, and facilitation of safety innovation and collaboration across all care settings.

Highlights of the Health Affairs Article

Minnesota Adverse Health Events Report (March 2015)

Historical Perspective

Taking Action to Help Minnesotans