DON’T MISS OUT! 2017 Employer Benefits Survey Closes Friday–Blog by Jon Schloemer, VP of HR Shared Services, Fleet Farm, Action Group Board Member

With health care costs continuously on the rise and uncertainty surrounding the new presidential administration, employers are looking for ways to get the most out of their benefit plan designs, while controlling health care spending and improving health outcomes for employees. Understanding what’s working and being able to compare notes, so to speak, with other employers can help benefit managers and business leaders offer effective and attractive benefit programs.

The Minnesota Health Action Group Employer Benefit Survey is the perfect opportunity for employers to evaluate their benefit offerings against other employers from across the state. The survey is free and open to companies of all sizes and industries, as long as they’re headquartered in or have employees in Minnesota.

We will be collecting responses through Feb. 24, 2017, and will issue a report on the findings in March. If you haven’t already completed the survey, I encourage you to do so today. It takes less than an hour to complete (you can even save your work and return, if you get interrupted) and provides value to employers in the form of:

A comprehensive benchmark report that illustrates benefit trends across the state and how your company compares to other employers

This type of information can be helpful when making strategic and tactical benefit plan decisions.

Unique insights, not available elsewhere

Our survey is unique to Minnesota and identifies what is and isn’t working, satisfaction with Minnesota-based health care companies (health plans, wellness companies, etc.), and where employers are going with future benefit decisions.

Networking and collaboration with other employers in a confidential setting

Survey responses are confidential, and only participating companies have access to the comprehensive survey results. In addition, companies that complete the survey are invited to a special breakfast meeting to review and discuss overall findings and are given the opportunity to participate in an exclusive online group where they can discuss what’s working and what’s not throughout the year.

While there is much we don’t know about the future of health care, one thing is certain: We are in this together and together, we can create and inspire change. Please join The Action Group in our commitment to representing the collective voice of health care purchasers in Minnesota by completing our annual survey so we all gain a better understanding of current and future benefit trends.

For more information or to complete the Minnesota Health Action Group’s Employer Benefits Survey, visit We appreciate your time and your insights.

In good health,
Jon Schloemer

Jon Schloemer is vice president of HR shared services at Fleet Farm and a Minnesota Health Action Group board member.