Taking Action Express: Pills and Pens Bring Hope for Drug Companies in Diabetes Crunch

SEPTEMBER 27, 2016


Pills and Pens Bring Hope for Drug Companies in Diabetes Crunch

diabetes_scriptBy 2040, more than 640 million people globally are forecast to have diabetes. This anticipated surge has drug companies investing in innovative and personalized solutions to spur growth. Read more about some of the new trends here. And be sure to join us for our November 15, 2016, member meeting, where we will explore how to prevent diabetes in your workforce, how Minnesota is tackling the diabetes epidemic, and new and emerging prevention and treatment trends.

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Welcome, Medica!


We are pleased to welcome Medica as our newest member!

Headquartered in Minnetonka, MN, Medica provides coverage to about 1.7 million members. Its integrated approach helps employers and members improve health and manage the cost of care. Proven health improvement programs provide personalized solutions that focus on the whole person, and include a comprehensive range of support, from health lifestyles, to chronic disease, to complex care management.

“Medica is a welcome addition to our membership!” says Carolyn Pare, Action Group president and CEO. “It has never been more important to have all of Minnesota’s key stakeholders at our member table to contribute to improving health and ensuring the economic vitality of all Minnesota communities.”


Updated regularly, Action Group members have access to the full membership roster, including names and contact information, through the Member Center on our homepage.



Health Solutions Manager

The State of Minnesota is seeking a Health Solutions Manager. The successful candidate will direct the development, implementation and evaluation of State Employee and Group Insurance Program (SEGIP) initiatives that manage and prevent chronic illness with the goals of improving member health and containing health care spending. The position has primary responsibility for project planning and organization, establishing goals and timelines, crafting communication strategies, implementing project activities, and evaluating results. Click here for a full job description or to apply.


Action Group members may advertise open positions in our member newsletters at no charge. Contact Sue Jesseman (sjesseman@mnhealthactiongroup.org) for more information.

76bc0886-dedc-4ded-a28d-a255d5d9e1f6Free Program for Action Group Employer Members!

Action Group employer members are invited to join Target and the Integrated Benefits Institute (IBI) on October 13, 2016, in Minneapolis for an engaging conversation on the challenges and successes of integrating employee health, productivity and absence management programs. The discussion will focus on mental well-being and productivity: How does improved resiliency impact the workforce? Click here to register or to learn more about this exciting half-day program.

ntsdNational Depression Screening Day

October 6 is National Depression Screening Day. Each year the first Thursday in October is designated to mobilize community-based organizations including employers, health care organizations, schools and other organizations to offer programs that educate, raise awareness and screen individuals for common behavioral and mental health disorders and suicide.

To learn more about how The Action Group is rewarding providers and clinics for providing optimal care for depression, diabetes and vascular disease through Minnesota Bridges to Excellence, click here. We also offer access to a no-cost toolkit for members and non-members titled, “Help and Healing: Depression Resources for Care and Recovery.”

Click here to view a guest blog by Sue Abderholden, executive director of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Minnesota.

Have you completed your Advance Care Directive?

Advanced Care Planning

New advance care planning blogs now available online!

The Action Group has prepared a free Advance Care Planning Employee Communications Toolkit.

To view the Advance Care Planning Statewide Call to Action, click here.


Depression Affects Us All…

“Families and employers intimately understand the impact untreated depression has on people’s lives. As families, we watch as our loved one loses interest in once enjoyable activities; they become more distant, less responsive. Employers see workplace productivity affected due to absenteeism and presenteeism. Employers see workers who have difficulty handling time pressures and stress, who have problems concentrating or remembering things…”

Guest blog by Sue Abderholden
Executive Director
National Alliance on Mental Illness Minnesota