Taking Action Express: New NBCH Board Members; Choosing Wisely Video; 1/3 of Knee Replacements Unnecessary; Celebrating Clinic Success

July 16, 2014

31509afThe Weekly Buzz: National Business Coalition on Health Elects New Board Members

The Action Group is an active member of the National Business Coalition on Health (NBCH), which represents over 4,000 employers and approximately 35 million employees and dependents nationwide. NBCH announced its new officers for the Board of Governors on July 14, with Cheryl DeMars, president and CEO of The Alliance serving as Chair. Cheryl appeared as keynote speaker at The Action Group’sCommunity Dialogue in March. She also has a recent guest blog about creating a path to better health care on our website and will be testifying before the US Senate Finance Committee on July 15 about The Alliance QualityPath™ initiative. 

 choosingwiselylogoNew Releases from Choosing Wisely®!

From Consumer Reports Health, here is a brief and helpful videofeaturing five questions to ask the doctor before having any medical test or procedure. For even more information:consumerhealthchoices.org/5questions.

The Choosing Wisely slide show about curbing health care spending has been updated on the Employee Benefit News website. It includes a number of links to helpful resources, and information about The Action Group’s commitment to Choosing Wisely.

purchasersguideResearch Indicates One-Third of U.S. Knee Replacements May Be Unnecessary

“Judging by the symptoms of people with knee arthritis, one-third of knee replacement surgeries may be inappropriate,” says Daniel L. Riddle, PT, Ph.D. from Virginia Commonwealth University in a recentReuters article. “We found that some patients undergo total knee replacement when they have very low-grade symptoms or minor knee arthritis. The full study is also available online.

At its July 16 member meeting, The Action Group will release its Purchaser’s Guide for Total Joint Replacement, which will be available to all members. Special guest speakers will be Ken Horstman from Rosemount Inc. and John Schloemer from Mills Fleet Farm. Ken and John will represent the employer perspective, focusing on their Learning Network experience and how they plan to use the Guide to reduce costs and improve outcomes going forward.

193Celebrating Minnesota Health Care Clinics!

Minnesota Bridges to Excellence (MNBTE), a purchaser-led pay-for-performance program introduced by The Action Group in 2006, advances both care delivery and outcomes by rewarding clinics for meeting or exceeding a strict set of care standards for patients with diabetes, depression and vascular disease.

The Action Group and the MNBTE Champions of Change will be hosting a reception on July 29 to recognize clinics that qualified for incentive payments from MNBTE and the State of Minnesota Quality Incentive Payment System. Champions of Change, the participating purchasers, will be providing more than $700,000 in performance incentives —- the highest annual amount since the program was implemented. More clinics are being rewarded in the categories of achievement and improvement this year in each of the three conditions included in the program.

logo_uofmUniversity of Minnesota Seeks Accomplished Benefits and Compensation Director

The University of Minnesota, an Action Group member, seeks a Director of Benefits and Compensation responsible for designing and overseeing a new and integrated total rewards strategy that is market competitive; successful in attracting, retaining and motivating a highly skilled, diverse workforce; and vital to driving and incenting innovation, commitment, engagement, and overall organizational performance.

top10Top 10 Reasons to Join the Minnesota Health Action Group!

If you would like more information, or have questions about dues, please contact Sue Jesseman: sjesseman@mnhealthactiongroup.org.

187What’s Your Reason?

The Action Group makes tools and resources available to me that I can use to simplify employee communications. I have found the diabetes and depression toolkits especially helpful.” Share your reason!