EpiPen Price Hikes Spark Outrage; Member Meeting Matters; Free IBI Program for Members

August 30, 2016

The Weekly Buzz: What’s Wrong with this Picture?
Profits Before People

epipenLast week’s price increase on the lifesaving EpiPen – up 400 percent in a decade – outraged patients, parents and lawmakers, igniting a media frenzy and lighting up social media channels. But the CEO of Mylan, the EpiPen manufacturer, deflected blame, pointing the finger at “an outdated health care system that incentivizes higher prices.” What she failed to acknowledge is that the money coming from insurance companies to pay the steep cost comes from policy holders. Ultimately, increases affect all people, not companies or health care systems. And discount coupons are not the answer because that just redistributes the cost in an inequitable way.

“Telling insurance companies they have to pay more toward the cost of unaffordable drugs doesn’t solve anything,” says Carolyn Pare, Action Group president and CEO. “Insurance companies aren’t creating money in the basement; they charge consumers – all consumers – whether or not they are taking a particular drug.”

During The Action Group’s August 11 Community Dialogue, all stakeholders in the pharmaceutical supply chain agreed to work together to develop solutions for getting the 5 rights, right: Right drug, right price, right location, right patient support, right data. Links to materials from the Community Dialogue are available on our homepage.

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September Member Meeting: Let Your Voice be Heard!  


Whether you attend member meetings regularly, or it’s been awhile since you’ve come, you won’t want to miss this one! Using a fun and interactive new format, we will be planning for the future of The Action Group. There will even be a gift certificate drawing. To view the important topics we will be covering, click here.

September 22, 2016
8 a.m.-9:30 a.m. (Networking begins at 7:45 a.m.)

Hilton Airport/MOA Hotel
3800 American Boulevard E.
Bloomington, MN

Please RSVP to Sue Jesseman [sjesseman@mnhealthactiongroup.org]

MNBTE Awards Featured Widely

With the 276 health care clinics across Minnesota that qualified for 2016 Minnesota Bridges to Excellence (MNBTE) and the Quality Incentive Payment System rewards announced, local, regional and national media attention has been high. A full list of media coverage can be found here. And if you missed the photo gallery and meeting materials, check them out!

76bc0886-dedc-4ded-a28d-a255d5d9e1f6Free Program for Action Group Employer Members!

Action Group employer members are invited to join the Integrated Benefits Institute (IBI) and Target on October 13, 2016, in Minneapolis for an engaging conversation on the challenges and successes of integrating employee health, productivity and absence management programs. The discussion will focus on mental well-being and productivity: How does improved resiliency impact the workforce? Click here to register or to learn more about this exciting half-day program.

Have you completed your Advance Care Directive?

Advanced Care Planning

 Click here to view a new blog about how Fairview is spreading the word!

The Action Group has prepared a free Advance Care Planning Employee Communications Toolkit.

To view the Advance Care Planning Statewide Call to Action, click here.

Thought for the Week: EpiPen Costs Soar While Consumers Pay the Price

“Net spending on prescription drugs by consumers in the U.S. has increased about 20% between 2013-2015…Prescription drugs also cost about twice as much in the U.S. compared to advanced nations.”